Monday, June 22, 2009

no Big Announcement here.

On this episode of
Lola and Lego plus 6
"Taking the Animals to the Zoo!"

The family spends the day at the Zoo to celebrate the first day of sunshine this month.
While at the zoo, they walk through many very smelly exhibits with hiding or sleeping animals.

"Are the Alligators dead?
I'm pretty sure that the big one is.
Don't they look dead.
I swear that he's dead."

The monkey, however, is alive...... and engaged in some very embarrassing behavior.
The teenager is disgusted.
The twins complain of constant hunger. Licorice can't fix the problem because they see a Snack Station ahead.
The adorable toddler wants to "GO HOME" which he subtly demonstrates by yelling
"on-na Go Home!"
every 3 seconds.
Tired parents decide to leave after 2 hours of "Fun".
Shots of the Suburban and fighting children.
Typical "He's touching me", "Quit it! Your bugging me!",
"Are we almost there."
next scene-
Dead animals.
Lots of stuffed dead animals.
More animals than they saw at the Zoo.
Feed the fish.
The family has more fun there than at the Zoo.....
and it was FREE.
The End!

Lego and Lola have no big announcements to make.
They are not separating. They are not getting 2 giant dogs, or new playhouses, or hair plugs.
Lego will not be piercing his ears and moving out.
Lola won't cut her hair into a mullet and get overly tan.
No scandal here.
Maybe that is why we don't have our own show.


Busty LaRue said...

When did you go to the zoo? Do they have an exhibit in the butterfly house yet?

Scrappinfor3 said...

I don't know how people think living in front of cameras is good for their family. I know I wouldn't want my life broadcast to that extent.
Thanks for talking me out of the zoo. . . sounds all too familiar! And we only have 3!

It's A Wonderful said...

No, you're much more interesting. And you have a captive audience right here! Thanks for making me laugh...

jellybelly*jellybrain said...
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Eclectic Pink Rose said...

LOL! LOL! Fun times, thanks for the laughter.
♥ Teresa

Molly said...

My kids l.o.v.e Cabelas.

RitterB's said...

Yea... I'm the crazy that stayed up late to watch the re-play at 10pm. Waste of my time! Unbelievable J&K are so willing to toss it all away! I Guess I hope they both find what they are looking for and that it makes them happy.

Kelly said...

You also don't have your own show because you name doesn't rhyme with how many kids you have

Amy said...

My parents and I drove 3 hours to an amusement park with my daughter, we had been there for 1/2 an hour when she started bargaining with us about how many more rides did she HAVE to ride before we could leave. We were just rolling our eyes. Luckily the more rides we did the more she got into it, and we ended up having a great day, but boy was I worried there for awhile.

Shanna said...

I remember loving the zoo when i was a kid. Know I just want go free all the animals becuase they look so depressed.

Kathi D said...

I was kind of hoping for the mullet and the orange tan.

Sumner Family said...

Your blog cracks me up everytime I read it...especially today:) Thanks for being a normal family!

Stacey said...

i seconf that...ur great just the way you are. :+)

trisha too said...

honestly, isn't the excitement of "normal" enough? it's plenty for me!!!

did you ever get that donut and Diet Coke??


Sabii Wabii said...

In California...Lypo and new boobs are the first sign. Too many men with pierced ears to make a clear decision in this area. Glad to hear all's well on the home front.

Kaci said...

Okay, loved the post...reminds me of my own trip to the zoo for "fun" a month or two ago. But, even more important...LOVE THE AVA DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have have have to have one for my own little Ava. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Okay, now something else. I have to talk to you ASAP! It has to do with our little conversation at the cabin. You know the one. (hint: surprise!) Call me when you can break away from the sewing machine for a minute or two!

Bonny said...