Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hopped up on Syrup!

Saturday morning at Home. 
Unfortunately you can't see the teen, she's getting her pancakes.

On Saturday, our kids are like a bunch of crazed zoo animals, that have been caged far too long, and stayed up too late watching movies last night, then realized that Dad is home all day and his idea of fun is doing chores.  No really.  I find myself begging him to not have to do chores.  ME!  The person that does the cleaning all week.  I have to ask him (beg) to have the day off.  OCD-Chore Guy here! 

I like to get the children all hopped up on Pancake Syrup and powdered sugar before I send them to scrub the toilets with Mr Type A personality .

I love my Germ-o-phobe lego man!

ps.  Two of these kids aren't technically mine.  They are my nephews that live next door, and they are also my boys best friends.


Jackie said...

Still, that is a lot of kids even though they might not all be yours. I hope you had a pantry full of syrup.

Kathi D said...

Dang, I'm just glad those kids aren't tecnhically MINE. Although, if they do chores . . .

trisha too said...

Naw, I figure if they're with you, you get to count them, right?