Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Dress

When I accept my Oscar,
this is the dress that I want to wear.

Except with sleeves...nobody wants to see my Bat-flaps on the Red Carpet.
ps.  We've all got pink eye again.  I do think pink would look lovely with the dress though.


Kathi D said...

Great dress! And yes, it would look lovely with pink (eye).

jaybird said...

LOL... great dress... but best comment of the day.. "bat flaps" ... oh my!!

Mary Anne Drury said...

I think your "new shirt" would go nicely with that dress and cover up those bat flaps !!! (I'd need an extra LONG special shirt to also cover up my butt flaps!)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Love the dress, the color is amazing!
Sorry about the pink eye!!

Melanie said...

Jana, that is my favorite too! The color would wipe me out but the design is so elegant!