Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Friend Phoebe

I have the prettiest friend.  Her name is Phoebe.
She is really tiny, and in shape.
  She's a good mother, and she has lots of kids.
She has several incredible homes. 
 She lives her life in a bed of Roses.

My friend Phoebe has suffered some tragedy recently when a

..well, almost babies...They were supposed to hatch in days.
Then they were gone.
Photos from Phoebe Allans site
She has overcome the tragedy, and has decided to continue on with raising her family.
There is an egg in her nest.  She laid it March 29th at 7:18 am.  She is not sitting on it yet. 
The egg-sperts (lame.  I know) say she won't until there are at least two eggs.

Be careful if you start watching.  It is strangely addicting.
I'm glad to have Phoebe as a friend.

ETA-Phoebe laid another egg early this morning, then 3 hours later
they were eaten by a Crow!
Poor Phoebe!


Anonymous said...

I have been trying really hard not to start being Phoebe's friend, but she really is a beauty. :) I am so sad about the lizard! Oh darn it! Look what you've started.... ;)

Anonymous said...
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It's A Wonderful said...

OH, how sad! Poor Phoebe!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

I can't imagine, where you live, that there any lizards living nearby. !!???
I am so sad for poor Phoebe.

trisha too said...


That is one of the worst stories EVER.

Make it have a happy ending.