Sunday, April 4, 2010


I caught a really bad case of Stupid this week.
I always catch's all of the kids I have.
Pretty sure that they brought it home from school.
Anyone know how long a bad case of Stupid lasts,
and how long I'll be contageous?

I need my brain back...
in working condition... like NOW!


Annie of Blue Gables said...

well, you may think you have the stupids, but you sure know how to express yourself and make me giggle. Happy Easter, Sweetie, and GET WELL SOON.

Amy said...

I think it is a 24 hour thing

trisha too said...

It lasts, let's see, until the last one moves out, I think!!

It's A Wonderful said...

Uuuuummmmm....take your age and multiply it by 3 and tack days to the end of it.

Jenny said...

Depends on your condition. I will be right down with a small non fat snack and non calorie something and a diet coke and I am sure the stupid will go away. Plus Ava has not had her Aunt Lola kiss her for a while, Maybe that is the problem. Of coarse I could also bring you some other things that I will not mention on this here blog because they are unmentionable.
Or a new pair of shoes could always be the cure. They bring alot of wonderful feelings to the soul you know.
Oh I think I have been rambling as I sometimes do when I have been stuck in the house for too many days with too many children.